Specialist Pet Content Service For Vet Practices
Dedicated pet related editorial for pet owners

Vet Gazette is an all-inclusive, fully personalised veterinary practice newsletter service.

It works by enabling vet practices to operate an extremely high quality, informative 'in-house' newsletter for the benefit of their clients without the burden of having to divert hours and hours of valuable time into the very specialist area of publishing.

Vet Gazette is produced by K9 Media, the publisher of more than 35 specialist pet titles. If you would like more information on having a personalised Vet Gazette edition for your surgery
please contact us.

Benefits of Content Services
Broad range of pet related articles
 Over 1,500 dog news stories
 Expert supplied pet editorial
 High quality animal images
Major, national news stories
 Daily dog news feed
 Special features & breed profiles
 No invasive advertising
 Specialist and mainstream content
 Cartoons and illustrations
 High quality design and layout
Your branding on all features
 Full portfolio of pet subjects
Topical, current issues covered
 Incredibly low overhead V return
Your Practice's Very Own Newsletter Service

Keep your communication high, your time constrains low

The Vet Gazette can help keep your name high in the minds of your client base by enabling you to keep in regular, monthly contact with them, providing each and every one of your loyal customers with a periodical publication tailored perfectly to meet their and your needs..

The best part is, you won't have to put in the hours and hours of labour required to produce such a high quality 'in house' newsletter service. We'll provide the content, you tailor it to match your individual goals and objectives.

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How Does Vet Gazette Work?

The highest standard of pet editorial, with your name on it

As a company, K9 Media produces a regular stream of daily pet content ranging from news articles, care features, profiles on diet, breeds and healthy living guidance for people's pets.

Having worked with many vet practices in a professional, consultancy role, we have developed a deep-seated understanding of  why many vets would like to produce a form of regular communication with their clients but are hampered by time constraints and access to resources. Vet Gazette solves the problem by enabling practices to have their own publication.

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Why Vet Gazette?

Do you know what your time is worth? How about your public image and customer relationships?

By utilising our team of professional pet specialist writers, you can dedicate your time to running your practice while we produce a newsletter to a standard worthy of your hard earned reputation. You can't buy customer loyalty but you can earn it.

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About Vet Gazette

Brought to you by the publishers of K9 Magazine and more than 35 other pet websites

Vet Gazette is owned, operated and published by K9 Media Ltd, a specialist pet media provider responsible for the UK's most influential dog title, K9 Magazine as well as a web property portfolio of more than 35 dedicated pet websites..

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