Why Should Your Practice Have it's Own Edition of Vet Gazette?

Your own edition of Vet Gazette will increase your perception and perceived value in the eyes of your customers.

It will strengthen the loyalty of your clients and will keep your practice name high in the minds of your most frequent and, crucially, lapsed clients.

Vet Gazette is a complete turnkey publication developed specifically to assist vet practices, a business that often lacks either a full compliment of internal resources, spare time or the publishing expertise required to produce a truly impressive editorial product.

A personalised, customised, full service edition of Vet Gazette will enhance your visibility in your marketplace and is certain to be fantastically received by your pet owning clients.

Our staff of editors, writers, designers and production managers are writing about pets all day, every day. We have a collective pet owning audience of more than 6.3m worldwide and we really know how to produce content that pet owners love.

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(1) Editorial

The VERY best pet editorial you could EVER utilise

Vet Gazette is edited and produced by the team behind K9 Magazine, one of the most successful and influential dog publications in the entire world!

Your edition of Vet Gazette will have the same team behind it and it goes without saying, will be of the same standard editorially and visually.

How does that sound? Your 'in-house' practice newsletter will be as high in quality as one of the best pet titles in the market place! Vet Gazette contains ultra topical pet news, advice on health, diet and a broad spectrum of popular pet content.

Get your own edition of Vet Gazette

(2) Understanding Your Clients

An intrinsic knowledge of pet owners reading habits

We understand your clients (almost) as well as you do. How often have you heard or seen that line written? Usually it's not true. In our case, it's our entire business.

As one of the world's most prominent pet publishing businesses, K9 Media does nothing, but nothing, but nothing that is not, in someway, related to producing content that pet owners will want to read.

Our knowledge of your clients coupled with our ability to produce written material that they will enjoy and respect, is to your great advantage if your practice is served by Vet Gazette.

Get your own edition of Vet Gazette

(3) How is Vet Gazette Delivered

You look after the animals, we'll look after your customers

Your edition of Vet Gazette can be delivered in one or all of three different formats.

1) Via email. We will produce an email template for you to send out to your customers. The email will link through to your personalised edition of Vet Gazette online.

2) Via web. We can produce a web page version of Vet Gazette carrying your branding and featuring our editorial, images and design.

3) Via pdf (portable document format). We can send you a pdf version of your personalised edition of Vet Gazette which you can print out and distribute internally, publish online or even send directly to your own clients either by mail or email.

Get your own edition of Vet Gazette   

(4) Rates, Returns & Your Value for Money

What price your image & customer loyalty?

Vet Gazette is a relatively new venture for K9 Media.

We are in the early phases of our content provision strategy which aims to marry  pet related business with access to our huge data bank of pet editorial, features, interviews, news feeds and care sheets.

Because Vet Gazette is a new and innovative addition to our service portfolio we're keen to acquire an initially small group of suitably relevant new clients to work with.

Because of this, you can benefit from your own, fully customised, fully branded edition of Vet Gazette for an extremely low fee if you apply early.
(i.e. today, right now, asap)

Get your own edition of Vet Gazette

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